Sunday, September 7, 2008

prima post

"Blog" is a compression of the term "web log" and it is a relatively new method in communication maintained by an individual shared with a specific community or publicly. The three websites: Explore LiveJournal, Blogger and Wordpress are all attractive. Blogger is more known and heard and a feature that I found interesting was the fact that you can now upload a post via mobile phones. On the other hand, Word Press's 3GB storage space is also eye-catching. Lastly, Explore LJ focuses on grouping the community through varied interests. I chose blogger simply because it was easy due to my existing gmail account and its familiarity and popularity amongst peers.

When it comes to blogging. the problem of privacy is constantly brought up and it is a leading cause in users' reluctance to register. However, in the information age developers have already reduced much concerns in terms of privacy. Word Press even outlines and lists privacy as their feature. Most blogs or just website in general all allow users to select a degree of access privacy, whether it is opened to the public or friends only.

But I mean there's always two sides to a coin; I have witness the rise of great writers and poets through blogs. So it might not be such a bad interest as to keep a personal web space and to share or just to remember your own thoughts and voices.

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