Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It turns out, the Lasik operation wasn’t that horrifying. It was almost pain-free. The only aspect of the surgery that proved to be shocking and rather nasty, in retrospect, is how the process actually worked. Even though anesthetic eye drops ensured no pain, but you could still feel the creation of the flap as they slice open the layer and smell the barbeque aroma of your corneal stroma as the laser attacked viciously. Luckily, the entire operation was over in minutes and not only is my eyesight now an astounding 1.2 and rising but my astigma is also eradicated. Like the advertisements on the walls of the optometrist said, “Given a second spring to life!” Arigato sensei!!

I finished The History of Love over the weekend and I find Krauss’ writing to be inspiringly sentimental. The ending not only had a surprising twist but I also felt that Krauss did Leo justice by piecing his life and his life’s work back at last. At one point Lima really made me laugh – reminded of me when I was a kid too – “because sometimes being polite is worse than being not-polite, like the time Greg Feldman passed me in the hall at school and said, "Hey, Alma, what's up? and I said, "Finethankyouhowareyou?" and he stopped and gave me a look like I'd just parachuted down from Mars, and said, "Why can't you ever just say, Not much?" Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I remember when I used to reply “finethankyouandyou?” to the boring “howareyou”s. This motif of a book within a book was well played on throughout the plot and I would actually like to read the book by Leo if ever published – holds uber insightful perceptions of love and human connections. Strongly recommend you to grab a copy for your next afternoon coffee.

Having signed up for numerous social networking sites like digg and twitter, I’ve started to notice the trouble that accompanies convenience. How the hell can you get sued for saying your apartment is a shithole… (if it’s the truth). Personal opinions are being taken as recommended facts especially in a virtual world where specialists are hired to influence your decision making – users resort to trusting other users only. I’m still curious, nonetheless, to see how it all will evolve…

Now half way into the original scroll of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. Need to get me a car too…

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