Friday, July 31, 2009


The mid-pocket is no longer my kryptonite!! (after hours and hours of practice and stoges)

Sony Ericsson was looking for talents for their new print ad campaign for the upcoming mobile phone and I was lucky enough to be invited for the screening. Today was more freestyle than anything, but from we’ve heard, the actual photo shoot on Aug10th will be more demanding and stressful. Nonetheless, it should be an enlightening experience (that’s if we get casted of course). Being a non-photogenic person, I was told that I look nothing like myself in the photos and especially now that there’s a missing pair of black frames on my face. It’s funny how I still find myself pushing up my nose with an index finger when in fact my glasses aren’t there anymore. I’ll get used to it though – hopefully everyone else will too.

Rather curious about the report of my health checkup that I’m going to receive tomorrow. Just how much can your body progress in a year? How old will my lungs be this time? I can’t say that I’m too excited about it all, but just mildly interested. Considering the amount of exhaust my lungs had to take and the quantity of instant noodles digested in the past year I doubt the results will be exhilarating. Better rest my eyes now…

When is it too late for a change??

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