Thursday, July 23, 2009


Has everybody seen the most recently uploaded video of Cleveland’s LBJ getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford? Well if you haven’t then check it. Like Mutoni said on Slam, “even the folks who bought the tape couldn’t understand the big deal about all of this. Fail LBJ, Epic Fail.) For those that have viewed it, it isn’t a biggie at all. Two hands for safety and it was just a miss-timed block – wouldn’t even label it as being posterized. But a superstar of his stature should be able to understand that such a dunk will not outlive the length his own legacy. What actually bothers me is the fact that Nike, a company with distinguished brand equity, would go so far as to confiscate videos in order to create hype for this controversial player. I guess I’m falling into the trap too by commenting on it here but I just want to use this opportunity to say: Kobe All Day, Every Day!

The last few days I’ve noticed how much time I spend in front of the television, especially coming home from work. I used to find it superbly entertaining and even insightful at times. Nowadays, the news always seems so local and is constantly injecting audience with fear. Talk shows are scripted to promote certain products/celebrities. One might argue that this is the case in most countries, but following a trend doesn’t necessarily make it right. Has capitalism really infected the roots of our society, of our world? It’s been an exhausting day and I hope you all get some well-deserved rest too.

I desperately need to work on aiming when it comes to side-pockets in pool (my kryptonite). Oh and sorry Joseph, I really should have wore denim instead of basketball shorts today.

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