Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Revamp

To the encouragement of exposure on the web, I'm revamping this blog. I apologize if the previous posts were a bore but it was a passing of general knowledge regarding the bloggersphere. My god-sister reminded me recently just how important creative expression is nowadays, especially when a simple idea can be magnified at the comfort of your own bed. Inducing originality is a given, but maintaining a consistent posting habit and producing magnificent scribbles will definitely be something I need to attend to. The following is a short piece inspired by the great Edgar Allan Poe (composed for my recent employer), apprécier s'il vous plait.

The tremendous effects of words, are, in themselves, epitomes of profound visions and ambitions, without which the simplest commands and messages would be misconstrued. We appreciate and attend to them when there exist anomalies – unconventional schemes in syntax or mere lexical substitutions. We notice the minutest alterations in expression when commas are omitted, when patterns of structures no longer dictates the art form, consequently, connotations cease to uphold the authenticity of its production. Reformation of sequence in utterance is, converse through creative expression, the reallocation of communication coordinates in our brains. The dismissal of sensational novelty does not equate genuine professionalism – combinations of texts grant the existence of both journalistic reports and dramatic novels. If playwrights should label such behavior as word play, the act of ‘playing’ is embroidered with personal fondness and judgment, augmented as the liveliest enjoyments. The symphony of words is conducted, derived from exterior motivations, so specific sentiments may resonate within its audience – notes of joy and pain echo from each alphabet. Phonetic exchanges inject complications to the intended message, but these adaptations, too, give birth to new and twisted understandings. Incorporation of urban dialect and jargon benefits means of communication, heartening members to persist in coining words, but in the climate of professionalism, ingenuity is often sheathed as a double-edged sword…

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