Monday, August 3, 2009



What if one day scientists have the knowledge and ability to create cloned organs tailor-made for each individual? Would we even want to live for that long? Would that redefine who we are and what our purpose is in life? Perhaps infinity poses as another form of despair and worthlessness…

On a lighter note, even though I’m still half-enjoying the new season of Entourage, I have no idea where it’s headed (and I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). Turtle, you got a dope birthday present and I understand your motivation for going back and getting a degree but damn man, loaning your girlfriend – let’s just say I don’t have a friend that close yet. W2? Maybe. But nonetheless I agree with Piven – an Entourage movie does sound interesting (don’t know if it’ll be nearly as successful as the Sex in the City movie but with this kind of fan base I think it will still have a decent turnout rate). Get it in gear HBO!

Well three more weeks till the summer is officially over. Fill 120hrs, grad exam, thesis, deadlines, discussions, career fair, senioritis, recommendation letters, resume, cover letter, applications, Lakers game, intramural, hair pulling, fingernail biting, acceptances/declines, AC2 & GOW3 playing, blogging, Gregory visiting, whiskey sipping, fiction-piece writing, weighbagging, stoge ashing, cap curving, shoe cleaning, fist pounding, magazine reading, plate washing, pool shooting, snowball fighting, photograph grabbing, keyboard typing, lack of sleeping, medicine taking, birthdays celebrating, commencement… take a year off? Just so much to do in so little time… how did we manage to age so fast?

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