Wednesday, August 5, 2009


What time do you usually fall asleep?

Most think and claim that the magic number is eight when it comes to hours needed but studies have shown that the most significant hours to be suspended of consciousness is really from 11pm – 3am. Now of course, it’s always just a rule of thumb when it comes to medical recommendations because everyone has different genetic predispositions. But during those hours, the body is in its most intense and effective stage of detoxification.

I find it that it’s often during this stage that I run into the wildest dreams or nightmares. It’s just ridiculously fascinating how the brain functions in the realms of both consciousness and unconsciousness. Have you ever asked someone in deep sleep a truth-or-dare question and find them replying? Have you ever gone to the toilet in your dream? (I’m sure we all know how that ended up). Anyways I just had another one of those trippy dreams last night which I won’t even go into detail about, but yes, do try to rest early – for your body and for your future’s sake.

Typhoon Morakot coming to Taipei – expecting heavy rainfall tomorrow and for the next couple of days. Don’t’ forget to grab an umbrella on the way out in the morning!

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