Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Surprised? Pepsi has recently announced the termination of their advertising campaigns. (But judging from this billboard, I think it’ll still take awhile). Well I do agree with their mindset though: we know it [Pepsi] is good, so that’s good enough. To this day, I’m still suspicious when I hear someone claiming their ability to distinguish Pepsi from Coke. Perhaps my taste buds are just worthless but does this really matter? Even though their tastes are so strikingly similar there are still people that are going to purchase and consume Pepsi over Coke and 7-up over Sprite. It isn’t so much of flavor but of brand loyalty – ultimately what Pepsi is banking on. Whether such promotional strategy will produce and sustain a positive effect in the long run, we shall see soon enough. Is this bold move significant enough to alter, or even demolish, the modern-day advertising styles and techniques? What will advertisements look in 20 years? We complain about the amount of ads we see per day, but on the contrary, a world without commercials is bond to be dry and dull.

Imagine capitalism sans advertising.

Horror, panic, chaos.

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