Friday, January 15, 2010


It’s been awhile, again. Thanks Chris for the letter and I’m still in dire need of two more; hopefully I won’t have to resort to my previously mentioned “method” to obtain them.

ING hosted a VIP whisky tasting tonight at their Taipei 101 office and I had the honor of joining my rents for the evening’s schedule. They invited Glenmorangie, a company under the LVMH umbrella, to introduce and relay some valuable information regarding whisky origins, bottle labeling, and of course, tasting. Single malt whisky isn’t really just made from one type of malt, but rather, from one distillery. As for “Scotch Whisky”, the requirement is that the barrel has to be stored in Scotland for a minimum of three years. And tasting, well, I must say it really depends on the individual. Hahaha you could say that nothing was really explored at an in-depth level but I did discover that they can make amazing truffles from whisky. Insanely astonishing. Not to advertise but Amilate offered everyone truffles made from the same content as we sipped on the Glenmorangie Lasanta (Scottish for temperament and warming, I believe).

Most claim that whisky is a man’s drink and I agree, on various levels. First of all, watering down your whisky or drinking on the rocks is perfectly fine but do everyone a favor (especially the distillers) and stop adding soft drinks please. Like the finer things in life, everyone’s is entitled and prefers a specific and personalized taste. It’s all about distinctiveness and exclusiveness. In the same sense then, whisky is just an alcoholic rendition of romance. That’s why brands and distilleries pride themselves on consistency, tradition, and flavoring. We pursue women and life by the same token so why not imbibe these riches in the same fashion. In the words of the unknown grandpa from that hideous Dos Equis commercial, “Stay thirsty my friends.”

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