Sunday, April 10, 2011


Another slow start for the year. It’s getting ever more difficult to pour out such emo pieces. Looking back though, the archive does evoke nostalgia. Who doesn’t fancy times in the past, but time is definitely slipping away faster than we’ve all anticipated. I remember mentioning in an earlier post this year that this is, in fact, the fifth year, which is perfectly fitting for our HS class reunion. But like many classes before us, the lack of organization and travel inabilities forced us all to wait for another five years. It is rather mesmerizing how social media has changed our connectivity though – all I know is that my parents only had class reunions with college mates, never high school. Sure, there are the occasional elementary friends that you have always remained friends and kept in touch with but how often does that happen? Don’t we, then, simply gather for the purpose of either boasting current status or imploring network expansion? Not trying to be painstakingly honest but it really is hard for an entire class to get along, even though there were only twenty-some strong in AISG’s class of O6. I am by no means saying that class reunions are strictly selfish in nature; after all, pure curiosity inhabits us all. In other words, we would genuinely bless and congratulate those who got married at reunions but who wouldn’t turn inwards and start posing questions and self-doubts? I know it may be unpragmatic but can we not just have a festive reunion where everyone just gets smashed? Living in the past may not be entirely healthy but what’s to argue when it’s just a once-in-a-long-while gathering right? All I know for certain is that when Rams reunite you can expect nothing less but pleasurable troubles.

A close-knit community meant that “good news spread, but bad news travel farther.” But in hindsight, this fortified our bonds and till this day we still search for the hidden message that was embedded, and almost forgotten, in our yearbooks. Like a roller-coaster, the huge climb has nearly peaked, so stash up and get ready to book your tickets when the announcement hits the bulletin because some things never change – “All G!”

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