Monday, August 17, 2009


Routines are difficult to manage and maintain.

We are all tormented by some type of materialistic desire every day. How we rise above the influence is determined by alternative satisfactions. Feeling content about the present condition is often a method of self-extraction from our own gluttony. Some say, what we don’t earn we don’t get – merely an oversimplification of assumptions. What if an exterior force like the lottery was fortunate enough to fly into the hands of one of us? Would we still not deserve it then? Perhaps the most truthful evaluation is then in our own affirmative action to live for the better. Strive for excellence and earn big bucks – that’s what I used to believe in. You realize though, along the way, there are just too many speed-bumps for a smooth and salient ride. Nonetheless, carefully tuned suspension and braking system will ensure that the finish line is constantly drawing closer. These modifications have yet to be equipped and tested, but just like what Itsuki Takeuchi said, “I want a GT-R!” (figuratively and literally).

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