Thursday, August 13, 2009


How has the global recession affected you? I’m sure you’ve either been asked this or often pondered about this question at nights. The socio- and economic pressure is so suffocating that we can’t help but be grateful for our past or current status. Family members are under immense stress – afraid of losing their only source of income. Friends’ parents are now all members of the white hair club – afraid of not being able to support their young children with their tight finances. Friends are becoming increasingly miserable – realizing their education isn’t getting them very far in this competitive era. Peers are constantly fighting with time – unknowing of their future pursuit and career plans. Everything seems to add up to an infinite list of uncertainties or a strong catalyst of melancholia. Our entire survival strategy has found both success and failure in the society’s dependence on money. The financial storm has not only devastated countless homes and hindered global progression but it has also drained peoples’ minds and spirits. Perhaps the days of zombies is dawning, just this time there would be no Alice or her discovery of an isolated island. We just have to survive the best we can… and I apologize for the depressing post tonight. Try not to lose any sleep over this – peace.

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youngmoneycashmoney said...

ayyo ted u a poet now?


undefeatedsha said...

workin on it