Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Life after the sunset is a different hue of purple. “It’s 5 o’clock and I’m finally free/ It’s my time to shine, my time to be/ I spent the whole damn day workin’ for you/ Now it’s time to do something for me” – The Perceptionists. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why movie scripts always label the emergence of nighttime urban life as sin cities. But I wouldn’t consider these recreational activities to be dangerous or even harmful (to others). Violence is merely a byproduct of what may succumb, but not necessarily a routine procedure. When will legalization of such natural product be in effect? Which country in the G8 has the balls to step forth and start taxing these natural beings? Call it self-hypnosis, irresponsible, or even a felony but there are certainly worse things in life that can send you six feet under. It’s not just a personal choice anymore, not even a hobby, but a statement of lifestyle and a means of communication. Like Marley would tell you, it’s one love – and there’s nothing that can top that. Does prohibition really make a certain substance richer in value and higher in demand? Is that an experiment governments are willing to perform? The side-effect to a nation as a whole may be decreased efficiency but if the demand goes down with the end to the ban, what will be the problem? Poisoning ourselves with high cholesterol dairy products or high calorie beers everyday is considered all right? Maybe this is all a discussion of a moot point – Obama might be blowing on one and thinking this over as we speak. Either way, big ups for Gary Simmons for rooting for an og flavor. So kick back and relax!

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