Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When the toys you used to play with, or the treats you used to eat, or the soda you used to drink as a kid are becoming display objects at the National Center of Traditional Arts, you know you are getting old. They always say time flies but this is one of those moments where things you used to enjoy, or even love, are no longer appreciated as trends. It’s like one of those times when you were little and you used to laugh at your mother’s fro or your father’s glasses from an old family photograph. But now, the situation is reversed and somehow, it’s not so funny anymore. Quite depressing how some things just can’t stay popular – so instead they’ve now become traditional. Used to play with 陀螺 (tuo-luo) as kids during recess – you whip out the string and let it roll, hitting and knocking down someone’s else’s is the goal of the game. Used to love Hey-song soda (not the root beer) and molasses crackers, but it looks like peers that are perhaps a decade younger than me would have probably never got the chance to experiment with all these fascinations, let alone my sons/daughters. All I have to say is that trends, in general, is a costly and ever-changing bitch.

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