Monday, August 10, 2009


Meeting celebrities in real life often puts things into perspective. Just how skinny and how much make-up does one need to be/have before they are picture-ready? With all their accomplishments and wealth, they still can’t really enjoy life as much as we do. It’s a sad truth but essentially that’s the trade-off that’s accompanied with stardom. Though there are those of us that do imagine ourselves becoming famous, when the actual scenario becomes reality the shift is so disturbingly sudden that most can’t cope. This is all an observation though, after all, I have not undergone this process myself. But having witnessed the effects of media, it is safe to say that under every lime light there is, too, a sad story that trails the fame. At the same time, the ones that truly survive from the turbulence of paparazzi, gossip columns, talk shows, critics are the ones that prove themselves to be worthy of recognition and remembrance. Like William Blake once said, “No bird soars too high, If he soars with his own wings.” To the dreams we cherish most – believe and achieve!

P.S. To all the fathers around the world, Happy Belated Father’s Day (8/8 = ba-ba)*

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