Friday, August 7, 2009


Summer’s seriously almost up and to my dissatisfaction I realized that I haven’t seen a grain of sand this year! WTDiu is up with that?! Well maybe we should all make a check-list of things we wish to accomplish before the hectic fall arrives. I was actually anticipating the little weekend getaway down to Taichung but now with the slow departure of the typhoon it appears that most of everyone’s itineraries are twisted. Why thank you Morakot.

Like Cudi said, “the lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night” – I find myself lost with words during the day. Thank God for music though, and on this night it was Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery that saved my ass. You ever come across a distinct melody that makes you reminiscent of the good old days? Mellow Mood did it for me. Quasimoto sampled this joint in Low Class Conspiracy from the album The Unseen (2000), and back then this was my hype song before ball games. (If you are familiar with the Notics, if you might even know that they showcased it in one of their street ball mixtapes.) It really refreshed my memory of the glory days in high school varsity teams. It’s disappointing to learn that the Rams rep is nowhere where it was before now, but in retrospect I’m grateful to have left a print of my own in the hall of honorable. I don’t know if you suffer the same questions of ‘what if’s like me but sometimes I wonder how different would things might be if I had that extra boost of adrenaline. I realize that the potential’s still there (after dropping 20+ in a college intramural game) but at the same time, our bodies aren’t getting any younger and that’s the painful truth we must somehow embrace.

Appreciate the flashback down memory lane DJ Igacorosas and to all the past Rams – One.

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