Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm truly ashamed. Posted merely one post last month. First things first, a shout out to Ferrari, keep developing Hybrid! Exotic Hybrid will be the future, hopefully. Anyone that hasn't cop the new Skyzoo album, well, you stupid. Jay-Z coming to U of I campus yet one of my homeboy wants to see Michelle Branch - goes to show that Jiggaman's hype is declining and not even Pharrell's gracing us with his presence can help. Sad, but I got to give it up for J one time though. Transformers II on Blu-Ray was crispy fresh, I felt like the sand that splashed on Fox's breasts as she dived for safety (Ooo-Wee!). The past several Sundays were a bore but thank God NBA is back in full swing. Let me just say that Shaq still struggling at the line, Arenas still inconsistent with his jumpers, Wade hogging it, and Lebron is trippen with 1-3 to start the season. So far, it's been the Kobe and Melo shows, night-in and night-out. Don't hate mang, accelerate.

Puffing back to reality, Halloween was dope and yet I've been busy as a mother--- like it's I'm afflicted with senioritis again. I know I've been complaining and bickering too frequently about pressures of societal expectations but I do realize that everyone is in the same or similar situation. But a recent news, which was intended to be somewhat lighthearted, really hit home on this topic. Tokyo train stations (Gumyoji station) have installed special blue LED lights above the platforms in efforts to convey a soothing effect and reduce suicides. If I'm not mistaken, Japan does have a surprisingly high suicide rate so I guess this would be somewhat beneficial (there exists no proof though that it does). But is that really enough, even if it's only a temporary solution? Or is this simply an undeniable cycle of Nature in naturally selecting the fittest? How can we escape ourselves for even just a brief vacation?

This month is the month for some future education planning. Maybe take a year off (Military)? Job? Anyone got anything for me? Well either way, I promise I'll exceed five posts this month.

"Now cook that up to a crystallized dream\ Take a puff don't that taste like ice cream\" - Pharrell

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