Friday, December 25, 2009


Hope everyone’s had a great Christmas. A time when heavy religious connotation meets commercialism. The Messiah’s birthday is doubtlessly a momentous and celebratory event but where did the notion of kissing under the mistletoe come from? An old Christian tradition claimed that mistletoe was once a tree and furnished the wood of the Cross and after the Crucifixion, the plant shriveled. As for the kissing, well, the custom is said to have originated from Scandinavian traditions. But then again, where do the Christmas tree and Santa come into all of this? No matter how romantic and jolly this holiday may and can be, I still find it quite misleading and discomforting. But I guess it’s the result of natural progression as religious implications become assimilated into our cultures, regardless of the original purpose and reason. In this sense, the same could be said about most holidays. In retrospect though, these fusions of ideologies and myths have drawn smiles on many children’s faces, myself included. I still remember throwing a tantrum if I didn’t get to stab on the last decoration on the tree…

Enough reminiscing, still have to wake up bright and early for the Christmas Day double header on ESPN. Kobe and LeBron better put on a good show! I just realized that I fucked up my promise about exceeding five posts for November… damn. Sorry to the few readers out there but I’ll try to do my best at updating. It’s hard to keep up when future prospect’s been keeping me down. No excuses, I know.

“So let’s just stay in the moment, smoke some weed, drink some wine, reminisce talk some shit forever young is in your mind.” – Shawn Carter

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