Saturday, December 26, 2009


I thought about it for awhile, but regardless of the topic’s sensitivity I still feel the need and urgency to jump out and say what needs to be said. Cheating on your significant other is just demoralizing and unethical. Not that you shouldn’t satisfy your sexual needs but at least be transparent about it with your partner. The damage is done already so why try to escape? I remember the first time I was in this situation, (don’t know why but it seems it’s always the girl you’re with that doing your best friend, why is that? Perhaps some uncontrollable desire took over?) but sadly I was too young and stupid to do anything about it. Trying my best to avoid trouble, I simply forgave her. I thought of it as being a strike on the batting mound. However I’d never thought about it in terms of three’s, strictly twice (fuck up one more time and it’s over). In retrospect, it was quite naïve of me to have left it go. Not being a chauvinist, but women’s hearts are often indecisively wavering. I’m not claiming that men don’t do the same, but it hurts just as much. I must confess, the situation does vary from case to case – there no doubt about it. I mean I’m pretty sure Tiger will receive forgiveness and reconciliation in the near future (even if it’s not Elin who hands out these cards). But I guess that’s just the nature of people, or else how far would we go as a society if it weren’t for clemency and amnesty. The key point is whether the participants are willing to face to truth and to accept the punishments. There will always be lust for the things you can’t have, especially when you’re in a relationship, but it’s how you handle the aftermath (if something did happen) that makes you who you are. By the tone of which, you’d probably deduce that I, too, have been unfaithful once. Yes, I admit, but thankfully I’ve learned from it (thanks ymj & amies). It doesn’t matter how many wrong turns you’ve made, as long as you’ve successfully found the right path, the pursuit of happiness will never be far-sighted.

A brand new decade will soon arrive. Perhaps it’s worth the consideration to add to the new resolution.

To all the couples out there, I hope you have a safe and wonderful year. I hope you will look past his/her faults and cherish the moments you share together. To the new love contract of 2010, kanpai!

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