Saturday, July 31, 2010


Countdown. Heartbreak. Somersault. Verials in the Angel City. Sidewalk. Bruises. Vitamins. Recreational Drugs on Weekdays. Matte Black. 22”s. Holsters. Utility Belt. Lions Keeps One Eye Open. Asleep. Daydreaming. Fortune. Soldiers on the Front Line. Freethrow. Goal Kick. Another Churchill Speech. Drop-out. Trust Fund. Runway. G5 Cruising the Globe. Horizon. Coastliner. Sunbaked. Asian Ladies Making the Sex Scene Meaner. Biohazard. Dehydration. Powder. Swing the Duffle Bag o’Shoulder. Comebacks. System. Unplugged. Crowded on the Freeway. Junkies. Fiends. Oracle. Boxing Gloves Around Her Neck. Upsets. Wingsuits. Station. What’s That Joint 9th Sampling? Cigarettes. Hennessey. Ashes. DUI. Dimebags. Bragging Rights in Los Angeles. Sunshine. Gangbang. Bikinis. Today Was A Good Day. Skateboards. Undefeated. Flight Club. Annual Party at the Mansion. Bunnies. Poledances. VIP Sessions. Rotations. Skidmarks. Sharp U to Park It in the Alley. GT-R. Supersonic. GoGoGirls @ Snoop’s Boneyard. N.W.A. Watts Tower. Compton Watch. Thug Life Light Up the Southside of Hollywood. Drive-bys. In-N-Out. Poisson Burritos. A Man’s Love is Gained Through the Stomach. Sour D. Confidential. Backwoods. High as a Motherfucka Fly as a Motherfucka. Chino. Long Beach. Inglewood. Malibu. To the Hills and Back Again. Viper. The Roxy. The Troubadour. Misty Cirrus Clouds Hydes the Moonlight. Low Rider. Bandana. Disco Ball. If I Were President. Popular. Sunday. Assassination. All Eyes on Me. Kevlar. Decoy. Airborne Virus. I’m One of America’s Most Wanted. Californication. Two Face. Benjamin. Grant. Jackson. I Spend Dollar After Dollar. Sapphire. Filthy. Notorious. World Tour in Paris Tokyo. Hoochies. Shrooms. Lace a Rock with the Most Potent. Entourage. Stage Crew. Box Seats. Now I’m in the Limelight ‘cause this the Fast Life. Dogtags on Stage they still Swingin Tattoo Tears under my eye Still Bleedin’

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