Monday, July 5, 2010


People disappear. Not like the Norsefire kidnappings in Moore’s dystopian United Kingdom, and not like Depp’s role as Spencer Armacost either. People might not necessarily be victims of a totalitarian regime or be possessed by an energy being, but the truth lies in change and alteration. Some might find themselves to be reborn post-incarceration. But there are also those that become devoured by magnifying violence and sorrow. Perhaps Michael Vick could be considered a mild derivative of the latter, but in a decade or so, he, too, will disappear. Without change there’s never progression, yet the outcome can also mean decay.

Where did they go? Where do step marks lead? Remnants of yesterday, nostalgia of today. Rewinding time is seasoning memories with the most heartwarming days while stirring up an aroma of needles and lemon peels. The restoration of a complete recollection is nearly impossible – suppression is depressingly prevalent. If this puzzle could be pieced back together would the trail still go cold? Would it be better if we picked up where we left off?

PS. Ladies try to mask the blush with a wide smile next time, makes all the difference in diffusing awkwardness (especially after a stupid fall-flat-on-the-face).

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