Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Y’know it’s that time of the year when trending topics are all top 10 related – top 10 commercials, top 10 words, top 10 hottest… but do you recall your top 10 moments of 2010? There is a certain disappointment that accompanies this holiday season, a dismal reflection of the previous resolution. For the majority, the problem is not the execution nor the follow-through, but rather, the insufficiency of time. A luxury most of us don’t get to fully capitalize on. I remember crowding nights with cheap wine and menacing the days with interdisciplinary blabbers. Flaming paper-planes in the Chambana sky and broken whiskey glasses turned ashtrays. It’s also the first year where I feel age taking its toll – an all-nighter of studying is no longer an option and my brain refuses to let me to sleep in, some biological conspiracy I reckon. For what it’s worth, I still enjoyed every minute of this past year.

Countdown in Taipei, thought I had extra cash after collecting at Spark, turned out otherwise. Nonstop entertainment at players’ lounge no. 112, almost turned into a hostel. Puerto Rico sunburns and sparkling tongues at bio-bay (hsu bei bah jz!). Learned my lesson by playing iphone surgeon on a rough boat ride. Frosty air back in Chitown. All the girls waiting in a line for the bathroom. Noise complaints and we crank up the bass some more. It’s easier to see the Big Dipper from 404 upper-balcony. Took down all the photographs and still-frames. Patron almost became the new Black. Greek and Latin roots. Growing irrationality and violence after intoxication. Severe weathers. Anxiety kicks in as grades roll out. Return to Champland. Babe-watch by the Quad everyday after lunch. #0383, make sure you press pound first. Potlucks and barbeque cook-outs. Blew by two ADS and a small OH. Last college basketball tournament. New Burberry fragrance in play. Lana’s surprise visit, swept me off my feet. Snowstorms hurt my face. S.Popp, S.Hwang, T.Wang, K.Lee, Optimus (more special guests). Motivated and attempted my best perseverance. Eric, you might grabbing a bottle on the way over? Roommate having to live downstairs every Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat (shorry). There is no reassurance when it comes to mixing alcohol. Blackjack, poker, PS3Move. Lil Wayne, Drizzy, Big Sean, J Cole, 9th. Union comp lab is surprisingly empty during finals-week nights. AC Brotherhood exotica armor in four days. Finals, finals, project, finals. Last walk to County as I try to savor the ghost town aroma. Rushed into leaving chores behind and packing up 4.5years of your life ain’t so easy.

Looking back at last year, I have indeed slacked off with posts, yet again. But as before, that part of my resolution will remain unchanged. However, without new additions there would be no progress. I’m sure I’ll come up with some in time. For now, just reminisce.

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da lo hope youre doing well in aus. Catch you in asia sometime soon

live well
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