Monday, January 3, 2011


They say time flies, and I can’t agree more. Having watched an old DV of what it was like during Chinese New Years back in 2000 made me realize just how fast I’ve aged. So, I dusted off all the photo albums from my bookshelf drawer and the plastic glare of each page spoke of nearly-forgotten memories. On a side-note, I don’t know if it’s a fetish that only Asian parents possess, but I have an entire album of my baby self, butt naked. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. There are photos of my grandparents when they first came to Taiwan. Photographs of my parents – father, military; mother, school; wedding, and poof, moi. First birthday cake. First time in Kaohsiung. First time riding a bike. First time in Vegas, Disney, Grand Canyon, Japan, and Aussie. Dressed up as Batman for Halloween. Braces. Received all the badges needed to become a Boy Scout. First Dynasty skate-deck. Made all-star team for ACAMIS. China trips. Gender bender day. Durags. Baima. KFC at a waterpark. There are also countless threads of scenes, not captured on film, which sew these photos together. Most riveting though, is witnessing the process of self-transformation, the heart-warming smiles of dear friends, and the immeasurable support of those closest to me. In a blink of an eye it’s already 2011. Where will everyone be in another five years, no one can say for sure. But hopefully by then, we will all have the time and energy to do something insane, again.

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