Thursday, January 6, 2011


Autumn gold and brown blanketed by white. Stripes
of orange and blue at the command of my shoulders, hungry
sophistocrats have no use for tassels. A shot of the midnight breeze,
a dash of salt and lime, or throw the single malt on the rocks.
Line them up like orion’s belt, on the counter, wet with the legacy
of a brew master’s barrels. Double charred, red crackling at the mellow
tip of the cigar, fumes clouding the street lights of Green. Police
vehicles crowd every intersection, honking traffic in the dead
of night. Mauled by blurry drunkards, building walls bleed
a melting stench, skewed symphony slapping against I’m Single.
From twenty-three floors up, bong exhaust forms cloud nine,
the triple cheeseburger burning fast, pass to the right,
in time, she will come around and be mine. Snuff out
the flame, time for a real heat check. If the bed still warm
in the afternoon, could it mean that she’s stressed. Let go
of the mind, maybe that will stop the whine. Sagrantino ruby
to alleviate the soul, gravitate in a spicy cyclone, gently
poisoning my mind. Feet back on the cold wood, phone says
twelve-nine. Blood-shot gaze at my friends dear, the festivity
just begun, though, pure love seems like a light-year. Buzzer shot
from behind the arc. Three 7’s on a pull
of a slot. Double kiss on the green
felt. Highest pair appearing on the river. Mutual
respect for each other from the hindsight. Me, and her,
was just too fine. Too much of anything can kill, so
just attend as the music drops
from that infinite playlist,
both times.

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