Thursday, May 12, 2011


Do you feel it too? Raise a glass to the newborn. You want to be high on this. The comets that lit up the night skies above the Sphinx dance by the pink rooftop, breathing two puffs from the month old apple sat in the basket picnic Saturday. Real gone, bring out glass hammocks and tie them to these fired up trees and maybe wish upon a morphing cloud filled with girls taking off they clothes but heels stay on in the shower. You left your change back home and your scars are here so perfume the chambre with that plantation. We need all of it, we need all of it to ourselves to early birding fiends, from the graveyard shifts stumble in her tatted body wants it too. Studded lips travel upstairs to shy a first hour getting to explore each other, ripe with it, ride with it, we’ll supply with it. Rolling on the velvet sweating cold hydration, just stay awake till the bass drop from high mound fastball tonguing earlobe shivers. Soothing down teeth marks engraving fingernails, take the pacifier out and make room for tears from sawing elephant. Heirloom romance pawn made it to and back for this chance, taste without sins, with no twist of foggy ruins hiding behind looks of static connect the dots on back and loco. Who knows which side to wake up facing wheat or caramel.

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