Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Covenant realities embedded with minute fabrications. See this bird? the devil’s in the details – so why trust and insist on alternate endings babe? Theories, prophecies, statistical assumption, extraterrestrial postulation. Spiced in a cauldron of behaviors and inexplicable fantasies. Leprechauns and unicorns and fairy dust and magic dragons and robot samurais. Secret chambers hiding protected knowledge lost from the library of Alexander resurface at every awkward moment and déjà-vu. Strangers under the stairs rotating a doobie fat enough to record an album. Audio pitch climbing the Everest, so drink more water, more whiskey, more shiraz, more lager, a new glass. Cotton candy soft lips, Elmer’s sticky, put them to rest and wake up to a new set of bed-sheets and bacon and dijmmah in cab ride back seats. Goodbye, what’s your name, maybe tomorrow night we can grab popcorn on the rooftop with Orion and the Dipper. Scissors or deuces, peace or victory, the dark blue denims always fit more proudly. From the cup rising steam, travelling in the busy uptown streets. Blow by the escalation, teething for laughs with the boys, pretending that she’s the only one looking forward morrow’s sundown breeze.

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