Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A classless defiance or merely bitter frustration? Either way, the Los Angeles Lakers closed off the series in a rather shameful manner, considering it was Coach Jackson’s last season. I never took Kobe to be “nuts” – history is to be written and records are made to be broken, who says it is impossible to come back from a 0-3 drought. It just hasn’t happened yet, and who better than Kobe to have broken that spell. In hindsight, I do applaud Dirk for his talent but as my allegiance lies with the purple and gold, I would never extol the Mavs’ organization but rather continue to smirk at Cuban, a clown playing puppeteer. Bynum, who took off his jersey while being ushered to the locker-room, reminded ball players everywhere the disappointment, or even betrayal, that follows a great coach’s departure. Though it wasn’t the best manner to iterate bon voyage, at least Phil knows how terribly ashamed his men must’ve felt for being swept in the second round. Go big or go home – it’s time now for the Lakers to catch up on some much-needed rest before next season’s anxious rebuild.

Oklahoma City & Chitown stand up! Rose and Westbrook putting on a clinic! With both series now tied at 2-2, the Grizzlies and Hawks have to look to Randolph and Josh Smith to deliver if they want to make it to the next round. I have my boy KD on lock with the bookies and I’m sure Rose will pull through in the next couple of games, never mind game 7, who you kidding. Though I still think Rondo looks like a character that walked straight out of a manga, must admire his motivation and will to play on. But in all honesty, the Celts are getting old, just like their Lakeshow counterparts; perhaps this is the recess of the great rivalry, who knows when the next dynasty to reignite this feud will come. Time will tell. I told myself that I would boycott the NBA if Lakers went home without a win, but damn, it was a foolishly childish remark I'd admit. Must show love for Durant and Rose, who have put these two high octane teams on their backs this entire season. Stay tuned as the playoffs continue…

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