Friday, February 17, 2012


Southside port city harbors the innocent and the sinister, childish
embraces of all things rebellious. Broken bottle mosaic brandishing
resin waters in the sidewalk mines, procrastinating silence slumber
restlessly in the wake of freedom. A time when the greenery blossomed
with young bucks, a time when gold arch was not affiliated with Ronald.
Caged rooftop, cram sessions, laughter halls, ramen vendors, assorted
meat fried rice, gender bender, urban soul, and athletic dominance.
Barbeques, toad hunt, egg drop, boy scouts, food fairs, musical
productions, prom nights, and really, why are there chaperones.
Somewhere down the line, a gradual change in the administration
of testosterones and hormones gave the rise to imperial defiance
from the things that were. Humbled by excess and extolled with recess.
Pool parties, amusement parks, censorship, shaved heads, unfiltered
packs, after-hour gypsies, bandanas, and undefeated championships.
Street-side lamb skewers, wholesale shopping, exclusive access, duffle
bags, zigzags, and really, limelight dawned like on Kobe and Shaq.
Untouchable was the motto but a decade was quick to fade, into
sunset a new generation stomping batons led the way, returning
to a familiar riverside is never easy as originals came to predicted.
Fresh smiles and craves entangle the same vine, one that runs in
the vessels of all those reminiscing departed. Not a day goes by and
by when pride for the sturdy horns of Rams is cheaply disregarded. 

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