Monday, May 7, 2012


What happens when everything’s said and done? Are there really alternatives to the things we cherish? Sometimes the people we meet in life are not who they turn out to be, or perhaps just blame it on bad timing, inhibiting us from knowing the future, the changed, and the better person that they would eventually become. Even if the present is what we imagined and hoped for, perhaps the reason for our departure is that we know nothing gold can stay. Crowned for being immature, spitted on for being irresponsible, and avoided for being a ticking time bomb. We all got angels and we all got demons. Trying to disguise an empty nest with indifferent contemplations of grander schemes to come. A coping mechanism they might say but the composition of which is evasion with a dash of blues. Even the sourest candies in the world can’t make me frown, doing nothing but getting my share, breathing this air. Regardless of yesterday’s foolish mishaps and drunken ordeals, there must still be fond admirers of a rebel, a knucklehead who rushes out at the first sign of a cold night. Still believing that everyone makes illegal u-turns for the sake of familiarity. Money can’t buy love because it’s overpriced. Be it pride or ignorance, the consequences always have the last laugh, under a sun that don’t shine and rain that won’t stop. So is life, take a chance, roll a dice. If I lost your respect, I just hope you don’t look at me as something you regret. Hell bent, heaven sent, Lord I repent if I ever sinned. Not trying to change the world, I just want to put minds at ease, but in the mean time it’s lights please.

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